About me

Hi, I'm Marko Samastur and I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia, an almost unknown country that looks like a chicken (unlike our neighbor Italy which looks like a boot).

I write about things I find useful or interesting on my blog. Sometimes they might even be helpful to others. I may borrow ideas, but opinions are mine since nobody paid for them.

I have a wonderful wife, hate making phone calls and don't have a pet.


I am a web developer specializing in front-end development and interface design and working for Aptivate, a not-for-profit NGO.

You can read more about what I do (and did) at LinkedIn or contact me for further information.

License & Disclaimer

You are free to use code found on my pages in any way you please, as long as I'm not responsible for consequences. If it breaks and you lose a million dollars, it's you being without a million, not me.

It's even harder to imagine why you would use my words, but in case you do, be cool about it. Give credit as long as they're mine and don't otherwise. I get in enough troubles as it is.