• Written by: Marko Samastur
  • Published on:
  • Category: catchall

I got a new travel computer this week and so far it is pretty much what I wanted. Nice enough to carry and use, but also faulty and affordable enough that I would not be too upset if something happened to it.

It came with Windows 10 which I have decided to keep so I can use Edge for testing. It is much nicer than abomination that was 8 and I also applaud Microsoft's accessibility work. Although, personally, ballooning whitespace and interface until everyone can read only one line of text at a time, be it on an actual screen or a screen reader, would not be one of my ways of reducing the experience difference in using the system.

I appreciate little touches such as marking connections as metered (and hence off limits for certain traffic) or workaround for updates installation. I still have no idea when updates sneak on me, but at least now I can choose a restart that ignores them.

On the other hand it is really difficult to find out where disk space went and almost impossible to reduce its use significantly. In theory it should be fine with 20GB, in practice I can't get it bellow 30. On top of this Windows defragmenter refuses to move certain used bits and condemns me to a much larger Windows partition than I would pick willingly.

I complain, and it really does bother me, but truthfully it is really not that bad. I think it is actually the best Windows so far that I will not use and certainly a lot better than versions I used long long, my god how long, time ago.