Whitespace whining

  • Written by: Marko Samastur
  • Published on:
  • Category: Python, Spletne urice

Ian Bicking’s wrote a list of python wishes. There’s stuff I agree with, some with which I don’t and stuff I simply don’t understand. But what caught my eye was:

Things I wouldn’t do:
Put up with any significant-whitespace whining. Here 99% of the Python community is with me. I think there is a meme that Python people are close-minded to suggestions for changes in the language. I think there is significant truth to that. But sometimes everyone else is just completely wrong. I want nothing to do with any programmer who would mis-indent their code. If you want to mis-indent your code you are an idiot. If you want idiotic code to be an option you are being absurd.

Precisely. Yesterday was our regular web talk evening , which is often followed by a lively debate. As usual we covered all sorts of topics, one of which was Python. To paraphrase a part of it:

A: I don’t like Python because of significant whitespace.
B: Do you indent your code?
A: Yes, of course.
B: And the problem is?

I can’t understand how this complaint doesn’t die. I can understand that some other language can tickle their fancy. People have different tastes and if some people like it rough, who am I to judge. But why in the world would you wish for a feature you’d never be stupid enough to use?